Top 10 Tips for Working in Sicily


Brief History of Sicily, Italy

Sicily is an island found in the Mediterranean Sea together with other various smaller islands around it; it is in the middle of the sea and is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is separated from land by the Strait of Messina on the South of Italy.

It is a beautiful region with natural sceneries such as mountains together with the sea’s crystal clear waters and a very welcoming community in the region.

In an island such as Sicily, there are also economic activities being conducted in the region, making it a place of leisure and business. If you are a local or a foreigner going to work in the island, there are a few things you might need to look at so that you can be comfortable while performing your work activities.

10 Tips for Working in Sicily

1.Dress Code

Fashion is something Italians very much consider. Whether you are working in an island or on the main land, you need to dress properly when going to work. For men, they need to observe smartness of suits and leather shoes where as for women, their looks are based on elegance and designer dresses. Both sexes need to take their dress code seriously if you are to work comfortable in a city where many of the locals observe fashion.

2.Traditions and Custom

Etiquette in Italy is important if you are to find comfortable working conditions in Sicily. The island has quite a large community and they stick to their traditions. These traditions require both locals and foreigners to be well mannered in the city so that both you and the locals feel comfortable in the working environments.

Observation of hand gestures is an important aspect in conversations and showing these attributes will help you easily settle for work in Sicily.


Italy has a national language that is their pride as a country. To work on an island in Southern Italy will require you to learn their language to be able to help the locals feel proud of their language and to help you to work comfortably with other locals and participate in activities in the island. You need to break this language barrier especially if you are to feel comfortable in the working conditions of Sicily.


Italians are a friendly community and you showing that you can interact with them will allow you to easily blend into the activities and cultures of the community. Interaction with locals is very significant if you want to thrive in your business because it creates trust between you and them that will help improve your business

Other tips are: 

Conduct legal activities Arriving at work on time Live within the area for easy commuting to work Build associations with the local community No misconducts Avoid involving yourself in matters of the locals

Final Words

If you get a chance to work in Sicily, make sure you follow the above rules and grab it because it’s a once in a life time opportunity.

The Sicily Lifestyle

Sicily Lifestyle, Giardini Naxos, Monte Venere & Taormina Sicily

Understanding Sicily

There are two main factors that have contributed to the uniqueness in the Sicily lifestyle. Firstly, due to the geographic separation of Sicily from the mainland Italy, the people of Sicily developed differently. They became independent from mainland Italy.

Secondly, over the centuries, Sicily was occupied by foreign powers. These foreign powers had different ways of life and as a result, contributed to the development of the lifestyle on the island. This is the main factor that has contributed to the uniqueness of the Sicilian culture. Therefore when living and working in Sicily, there are lots of wonderful things to do in accordance to the Sicilian lifestyle.

TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY ELLA IDE People stand on a narrow street in the historical centre of Gangi, 120 kms from Palermo, on August 14, 2014. The local council in Gangi is selling some of the houses in the historical centre for one euro to keep the village populated. AFP PHOTO / TIZIANA FABI

Living the Sicilian lifestyle

When you visit Sicily, you will realize that they have a more conservative way of life as compared to the mainland Italy. In this regard, the family unit in Sicily is very functional and the mother takes the center stage within the family. Also, when living in Sicily, you will realize that family events such as weddings and funerals are very important to them. As a result, people in Sicily attend these events in large numbers.

Sicilians throughout the island love to enjoy themselves. They will enthusiastically attend discos, music clubs, food events, medieval festivals and above all religious festivities such as Easter and Christmas. Also, Sicilians observe strict religious dress codes. For instance, shorts, or short skirts or bare shoulders are not allowed in church. Make sure to observe that while in Sicily.

Sicilians take life simple. For instance, they don’t really observe timetables and schedules simply because they have very unreliable local transport. Even though offices, churches or shops open at around 8am or 9am, these times are rarely observed. Interestingly, these places will be closed down at midday and reopen again at 4pm or 5pm. During the free afternoon hours, people gather to socialize or stroll in the streets.

While living in Sicily, you will learn how to be assertive in all places that need queuing because Sicilians don’t like waiting in a queue. Be it in ticket booths, or shopping centers, they will always edge to get in front. Besides, this society is highly socialist and as an expatriate, officials such as ticket inspectors may not treat you in a respectful manner.

If you are a single woman, you need to take caution because you might attract unwanted attention from men. Although men and women share equal rights in Sicily, the majority of women conform to traditional gender roles in society. The best thing to do as a woman is to dress sensibly and don’t loiter alone in big towns at night. Also, in case of unwelcome attraction, remain assertive to fend it off.

Sicily- a wonderful place

While in Sicily, you will experience a fantastic stay. Just as we have seen, the Sicilians love to enjoy their life.

They have elaborate family structure and they are very welcoming. Sicilians have endearing way of life.

During your stay in Sicily, try to befriend any of the locals, or have family friends. Do what they do such as celebrating the festivals, strolling on the streets and socializing, or going out for family dinner. All these activities and many more will make you enjoy life in Sicily.

5 Reasons to Move to Sicily


Sicily is an Italian island and is also the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. This is a popular tourist destination and some people love the island so much they decide to take the plunge and buy a property there. There are many different reasons why people make this decision and these are personal to the individual, but there are some aspects of the island that particularly inspire people to relocate to the island. Here are five of the top reasons why people choose to move to Sicily.

sicily-409823_1280Why Choose Sicily as Your New Home

  1. One of the predominant reasons why people move to the island of Sicily is to take advantage of the fantastic Mediterranean climate. The year-round sunshine means that you can spend a lot of your time outdoors exploring everything that this amazing island has to offer. The climate also gives you the feel good factor and can contribute to your overall wellbeing.
  2. The beauty of Sicily is another appealing feature that attracts many people to visit and even move here. No matter where you are on the island, you can expect beautiful countryside scenery, stunning architectural features and spectacular coastal views. Each location in Sicily has its own elements of beauty to offer to those who live here or have the good fortune to be visiting. Waking up each day in a visually appealing setting is something that some people can only ever dream of.
  3. If you are looking for a more relaxed way of life, then this is something you will definitely benefit from if you choose to move to Sicily. Everything moves at a slower pace in Sicily and there is a better work/life balance than in many other countries across the globe. Anyone looking to reduce their stress lives and get more enjoyment out of their life should definitely consider relocating here.
  4. A lower cost of living is something that many people considering moving abroad are looking for. In comparison to both the US and the UK, the cost of living in Sicily is generally lower. This applies to property prices, the cost of utilities, grocery shopping and many other general costs of day-to-day life. Living in an area with lower living costs can take some of the pressure off other aspects of your life. It is a serious contributory factor when people are considering the pros and cons of making the move to Sicily.
  5. People who enjoy Italian culture will love living on Sicily. You can really absorb yourself in the whole Italian experience and take pleasure from the rich history, varied architecture and diverse culture. There are many landmarks and attractions that can help you to get this experience, but absorbing yourself in the Sicilian way of life is one of the best ways to benefit fully from the Sicilian culture.

Moving to Sicily

If you are considering moving abroad and these reasons sound appealing to you, then Sicily could be the perfect location.

It is an island with many wonderful features and can offer you a whole new lifestyle.

Why Siciliaquadra?


Sicily is a gorgeous area that people still wouldn’t be prepared for if they decided to visit the area completely randomly. Individuals who are on vacation in Sicily may find themselves making a lot of different mistakes along the way, even though they could have avoided them through the use of a little bit of preliminary research.

However, too many of the websites that focus on going to Sicily are going to be based on the needs of tourists. The tourists and the people who are actually planning on living and working in an area are going to have completely different needs. This website was designed in order to fill that gap, giving people the opportunity to learn what they need to learn in order to really get by in Sicily for the long-term.